Fencing Screens can be an architectural look that can significantly improve your garden aesthetics, providing privacy, security and a warm backdrop, to tick that final box on your garden project. There are many types of fencing options available.


Western Red Ceder is one of the most beautiful products in the Natural World. It is naturally resistant to rot and infestation that can last up to 100 years. It has an incredible variation in tones with a smooth grain and knot-free appearance, it truly is a stunning product.

Our Western Red Cedar screens create an architectural look that provides visually interesting shadow lines and texture within outdoor spaces. Built with horizontal or vertical boards, the aesthetic appeal of this style of the screen lies in its simple clean lines and appealing proportions. Must be done at the highest skill level to get those stunning results.



With its lustrous golden-brown color and striking grain patterns, Microshades is a highly attractive wood species from Finland.  Microshades has the look and feel of Cedar at much-reduced rates which makes it much sought after for exterior applications such as cladding, decks, fences, and screens.


Composite Screens/Panels

If a zero-maintenance future is what you require, maybe composite fencing/screens are the product for you.

With the look and feel of traditional timber screens, without having the requirement of regular maintenance, with UV protection they are fade-resistant, will not crack, splinter or warp like natural timber and are built to last.

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